Recording the non-traditional landscape has long held a fascination. Other issues in photographing the landscape is considering the notion of what’s left that hasn’t come under scrutiny.

In this pursuit of seeing and recording landscapes, I attempt to follow a pictorial strategy and at the same time capture images that are politically and culturally charged.  In my practice of photography I am recording images of places we think we know but I am looking to express a view to current trends and evolving ideas that tap into our anxieties about ruin and seeming progress, both in the past and in the present.

Some of the areas I have photographed in pursuing these ideas include Paterson, Jersey City, Newark, the Meadowlands, and suburban areas of New Jersey and New York that are experiencing a type of urbanization in construction and renovation of centers of commerce and shopping malls as well as housing.  These subjects have presented surprising opportunities to produce images that are often overlooked and material for obscure and abstract illusions.